My mission

What drives me?

As an independent bottler, PURE.WHISKY. individual barrels from well-known distilleries and bottles them under its own name without further processing or treatment. This means that the whisky is filled directly from the cask, not chill-filtered, uncolored and undiluted into bottles ready for sale. This so-called “single cask whisky” at cask strength not only enables a whisky experience as close to the cask and as exclusive as possible with a few hundred bottles per bottling, but also to taste single malts from distilleries that largely produce for blends such as Johnnie Walker and therefore offer no and only very limited independent single malts.

The focus of the bottlings is on distilleries that have already taken good steps towards sustainability. PURE.WHISKY. designs all processes to be as sustainable as possible and discloses them transparently.

You will soon be able to find out more about the distilleries, PURE.WHISKY and sustainability issues in general on my blog, newsletter and social media channels.

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