The aim of PURE.WHISKY. is to enable German whisky lovers to purchase exclusive, individual limited edition whisky bottlings from Scotland and around the world with an honest promise of sustainability.

As an independent bottler, PURE.WHISKY. individual barrels from well-known distilleries and bottles them under its own name without further processing or treatment. This means that the whisky is filled directly from the cask, not chill-filtered, uncolored and undiluted into bottles ready for sale. This so-called “single cask whisky” in cask strength not only enables a whisky experience as close to the cask and as exclusive as possible with a few hundred bottles per bottling, but also to taste single malts from distilleries that largely produce for blends such as Johnnie Walker and therefore offer no and only very limited independent single malts.

The focus of the bottlings is on distilleries that have already taken good steps towards sustainability. PURE.WHISKY. designs all processes to be as sustainable as possible and discloses them transparently.

You will soon be able to find out more about the distilleries, PURE.WHISKY and sustainability issues in general on my blog, newsletter and social media channels.


I could now write: “PURE.WHISKY. combines individual whisky enjoyment with a promise of sustainability and a fresh, young, female perspective.”

In fact, as far as I know, I am the first female independent whisky bottler in the European market to start my own business. And probably quite fresh behind the ears in her early 40s. A circumstance that is hardly worth mentioning, but which my mainly female! Whisky friends have unanimously drawn attention to.

So, what is a female perspective on whisky?

No idea!

What I can promise, however, is an unbiased look at trends and drinking habits as well as newer distilleries. I don’t believe in certain whisky for certain groups, go’s and no-go’s like ice in whisky or cocktails, supposed quality criteria like age, origin, color or cask. I don’t even believe in distinguishing between good and bad whisk(e)y. Good is what pleases.

I like “pure” whisky.

According to my taste, PURE.WHISKY. Therefore, a move away from the very sweet, dark, often sherry-heavy bottlings currently subjectively prevalent on the German market back to a concentration on the actual “DNA” of the individual distillery, i.e. the pure whisky taste.

PURE.WHISKY. a trend that is already emerging in the dominant markets in the UK and France.

In addition, PURE.WHISKY. on distilleries that are already largely sustainable and tells their story. There is a QR code on each bottle that can be used to call up the corresponding backgrounds on my web blog. Due to my professional background, I have been dealing with sustainability and environmental issues for a good 20 years, mainly in the (energy) industry. Accordingly, I research the background of the barrels I have purchased and try to give you an accurate classification with regard to the sustainability criteria of the product you have purchased as well as an easily understandable, realistic view of the state of the industry in general with regard to all ecological, economic and social aspects of sustainability.

A certain sense for high-quality, beautiful products should certainly not be neglected. Together with the exclusive content, the story and philosophy behind it, only appealing packaging completes the pleasure for me.


It is bottled in a 100% recycled bottle, which shows its previous life in the most beautiful way. The stopper is made from a single untreated piece of cork, cut in local forests by a 5th generation Spanish family business. The capsule closure is made of 100% biodegradable biopolymer. The label of the first bottlings is hand-stamped with biodegradable ink on recycled seed paper. The adhesive used is also biodegradable. Sustainability is a priority in all packaging and transportation processes. All processes should be transparent and comprehensible for the customer.

Last but not least, I attach great importance to the unusual and high-quality look and feel of the bottles and labels. In contrast to the prevailing cheap standard bottles and simple labels, bottles and labels stand out in terms of shape, feel and materials. A design team will be working continuously on an unusual, sustainable look.


My name is Ines Zager.

I have been traveling the world for over 18 years on the hunt for the most exciting bottles for my ever-growing private collection. When Covid-19 hit in 2020 and face-to-face interaction was no longer possible, I started my Instagram whisky blog, which now has more than 4,000 followers, to keep in touch with the whisky community and occasionally hosted private Zoom tastings. That’s also how I found out about the possibility of investing in barrels and started buying barrels for fun.

With a growing barrel portfolio and network, having reached midlife and struggling like so many to find the meaning of life, I decided to go full risk in 2023. I scaled back my career as a lawyer specializing in environmental, permitting and energy law, working for large energy companies, to part-time to fulfill my lifelong dream of working in the whisky industry. That’s why I founded my own company, which is strictly committed to my personal values.

Until then, as a mother of two boys and a secure, well-paid job that I also enjoyed, I hadn’t been brave enough to start something new. Today, in my forties, with almost 20 years of professional experience, a long list of personal and professional successes and failures, I have now gained the confidence to do what I have always wanted to do.

I’m overwhelmed by all the support and encouragement I’ve received from the whisky industry and community, some of it unexpected. I can’t thank everyone here by name, but I will certainly mention one or two exciting episodes and the people involved in my blog very soon.

Special thanks go to the “Our Whisky Foundation”, which promotes women in whisky worldwide. I was incredibly lucky to become part of this incredible community as a mentee. I was joined by the wonderful Racheal Vaughn Jones, Marketing Director of CompassBox.

I no longer feel like an outsider in a very old, traditional industry. Thank you so much, girls!

I am really looking forward to taking you all with me on my journey. Slainte!


Pure.whisky. has set itself the goal of offering “pure” whisky enjoyment like no other independent bottler.

This means not only my personal promise of quality for every single bottling, but also enjoyment with a clear conscience.

Every single barrel, every distillery, every material used, every business partner, etc. is personally selected by me not only with regard to the quality of the service, but also with regard to the fulfillment of certain sustainability criteria.