Women’s perspective?

Or: What do I do differently?

I could now write: “PURE.WHISKY. combines individual whisky enjoyment with a promise of sustainability and a fresh, young, female perspective.”

In fact, as far as I know, I am the first female independent whisky bottler in the European market to start my own business. And probably quite fresh behind the ears in her early 40s. A circumstance that is hardly worth mentioning, but which my mainly female! Whisky friends have unanimously drawn attention to.

So, what is a female perspective on whisky?

No idea! What I can promise, however, is an unbiased look at trends and drinking habits as well as newer distilleries. I don’t believe in certain whisky for certain groups, go’s and no-go’s like ice in whisky or cocktails, supposed quality criteria like age, origin, color or cask. I don’t even believe in distinguishing between good and bad whisk(e)y. Good is what pleases.

I like “pure” whisky. In line with my taste, PURE.WHISKY. therefore promises to turn away from the very sweet, dark, often sherry-heavy bottlings that currently dominate the German market and concentrate on the actual “DNA” of the individual distillery, i.e. the pure taste of whisky.

PURE.WHISKY. a trend that is already emerging in the dominant markets in the UK and France.

Distilleries put to the test

In addition, PURE.WHISKY. on distilleries that are already largely sustainable and tells their story. There is a QR code on each bottle that can be used to call up the corresponding backgrounds on my web blog. Due to my professional background, I have been dealing with sustainability and environmental issues for a good 20 years, mainly in the (energy) industry.

Accordingly, I research the background of the barrels I have purchased and try to give you an accurate classification with regard to the sustainability criteria of the product you have purchased as well as an easily understandable, realistic view of the state of the industry in general with regard to all ecological, economic and social aspects of sustainability.

A certain sense for high-quality, beautiful products should certainly not be neglected. Together with the exclusive content, the story and philosophy behind it, only appealing packaging completes the pleasure for me.

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